A Beautiful Day

After the great snowacane and ice storm that left us locked inside for a week, we ended the month with a glorious weekend full of sunshine and nearly seventy degree weather. It was so beautiful, in fact, that from the time we got home from mass at noon to the time we hit the hay we enjoyed the great outdoors!

Honey cleaned out and filled up the sandbox, the littles slid and swung on the playset, Cookie started learning to ride John’s hand-me-down trike, we fought trees with swords and John dazzled us with numerous scooter tricks.

And, to round out the glorious January weekend, we spent the evening with our neighbors playing ball,  zipping down the zip line and dining alfresco.

Now it’s a quarter to eight and the littles are snug in their beds, exhausted from a beautiful day.  Sweet dreams baby boys…
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Monday’s Mail

For as long as I can remember, I have always looked forward to checking the mail!  I love catalogs, handwritten notes (that my so-Southern lady friends all still send), and, most of all, packages!!  Much to my delight, I received just that in my mail yesterday – an overstuffed package from Mimi and Anpa.  Yippee!… Read More

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Felt Fortune Cookies

Continuing on my theme of Valentine’s Day, while Cookie napped and John helped Honey in the basement Saturday afternoon, I caught up on Desperate Housewives and, feeling much like Bree, whipped out Martha Stewart’s Felt Fortune Cookies. The link has her explicit instructions, but I worked with supplies I already had on hand and simplified… Read More

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