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The littles just wrapped up their week at Vacation Bible School.  And while John was excited to embark on his third VBS adventure, the baby was absolutely, positively over the moon to join him for the first time (after I peeled him off of my leg the first morning at drop off, that is.) 
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The boys spent their week singing, crafting, learning and interacting through activities that reinforce the promise that… 
No matter who you are…
     No matter how you feel…
          No matter what people do…
               No matter what happens…
                    No matter where you are…
                         The sky is the limit – for God, all things are possible.
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For the sweet three year old, I had a suspicion that the week was more good practice at being away from Mommy than anything else.  This was confirmed during the following exchange…
Me: Cookie, what did you learn at VBS?
Whit: What?  The T.V.?
Me: NO!  Not the T.V. What did you learn about God?
Whit.  (very matter-of-factly) Nofing.  God?  (exasperated) I not even know who that is. 
But on the other hand, before bed last night, the PCP earnestly explained to us that “God is all around you, every time. He follows you. Mommy, no matter what, God is always with you.”

He gets it.

My heart overfloweth.

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