To Mom and Dad

The PCP was as pleased as punch when he raced off the big yellow bus with this tow…

We waited for Honey to arrive home and the second he walked in the door the PCP was clamoring for us to open the gift.

Frum John to Mom and Dad
Hayy Cisms. Luv John

The snowman ornament made from his fingerprints was darling.  But the note…well, the note just had us bursting with pride and overwhelmed with love.  (If you’re not adept with kindergarten literacy, the second line reads “Happy Christmas.”)  :-)

This is what being parents is all about!

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Puppet People

Tucked away in a couple of little houses on Thuderbolt Island, we spent a fantastic morning at a Puppet People puppet show.  Like most Savannah gems, this little establishment is laid back and laden with personality – and only five dollars a person to boot (a much better deal that Atlanta’s puppet center)! The morning started with… Read More

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Hairy Christmas

At Christmastime, everyone around these parts excitedly anticipates exquisitely wrapped packages, donned to the hilt with ribbons, paper and embellishments, from Sister.  On the other hand, I often toss quickly wrapped items, sometimes in black garbage bags, with the To: and From: scrawled right on the paper under the tree.  (I’m going to go ahead… Read More

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Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…we were scurrying around as fast as a mouse! For we spent our day in historic Savannah… …strolling River street. …riding the ferry across the river, much to the little’s delight. …taking in every detail of the gingerbread village at the Westin. …ogling the absolutely stunning… Read More

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