6th Annual Snowflake Breakfast: An Elf 10th Birthday

Our little elf, Scout, came a wee bit early this year, flying in from the North Pole in his birthday best to celebrate John’s 10th birthday breakfast!!! Normally Scout brings an assortment of pint sized breakfast treats on his first day back, but since we had a guest of honor celebrating a milestone birthday, the… Read More

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Happy Halloween

Happy (day after) Halloween, y’all!!  We had such a fun weekend filled with parties, costumes, friends, family, and lots of tricks and treats.  Halloween Eve was spent at bestie M’s aunt’s home and it was a spectacular evening all around.  I’ve honestly never seen such fabulously done … and tasteful … Halloween decorations!  They were… Read More

A {Semi-Educational} Fourth Grade Halloween Party

When John’s teacher asked me to pull together centers for a Halloween Party, I was all “yayyyyyyyy”!!!!!!  Parties are my jam.  When she asked that they be somewhat educational (I did ask the question, in all fairness), I was all “booooooo”.  Not because I don’t see the value in that, but rather because I’m pretty… Read More

Pumpkin Babies, Teacher’s Birthday + A Halloween Party

It’s been a crazy fun week around school!  For the baby’s class alone we had three different events.  The best by far was Pumpkin Babies!!!!  Along with a few other mom’s in the class, we painted baby pumpkins for the kids, dressed up in scrubs and then delivered them in a wagon to the class.… Read More