Mother Makes: First Communion Banner

All of the littles making their First Communion were asked to make a banner to mark their family’s pew as a family project.  We tackled the project while in Savannah on spring break and think it is just beautiful!   We poured through my fabric cabinet for remnants perfect for this project, choosing the linen… Read More

Lent: 40 Ways in 40 Days {Free Printable}

The Lenten season is upon us and I have pulled out our “Today for Lent…” cards in anticipation of forty days of prayer, almsgiving and fasting. Rather than simply giving something up last year, we celebrated Lent as family each and every day with these cards.  It was so much more meaningful and something I’ve… Read More

Today for Lent… {Free Printable}

I’ve mentioned a few times over the last few years that I struggle with what to “give up” for Lent.  So, instead of temporarily foregoing something that really only benefits me (ie. Coke or french fries), I will spend time each and every day during lent actually living Lent.  Except this year we are all… Read More