Frosty the S’more Man & Snowman Soup {Free Printables Reprise}

I’ve dusted off these oldies but goodies for your printing and partying pleasure this winter.  I’m coordinating the PCP’s class holiday party this week (oy vey) and, assuming the baby is willing to be my helper today, will be taking both as party favors. Frosty the S’more Man Download the bag tags for FREE here… Read More

3rd Annual Snowflake Breakfast: Scout + Mickey

Our friendly family elf, Scout, is back once again for the holiday season!!!  He flew in last night and worked his little elfin fingers to the bone preparing perfectly elf-sized portions of breakfast favorites for our third annual Scout’s Snowflake Breakfast.  And this year, the jolly little elf teamed up with our favorite mouse to… Read More


Those fleeting moments at twilight, lit with the sparkling white lights of the holiday season, are breathtaking and magical.  And I try to soak them up in the generally hectic minutes between homework and suppertime for our family.    Christmas music plays in the den… (I’d love to light the fire but somebody has jammed… Read More

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