Must See TV

I mentioned it the other day and just have to know…are y’all watching Revolution?  I mean, it is SO fantastic.  The show is already so chocked full of twists and turns that all I can really tell you is that in the pilot, the all technology – think computers, cars, plains, phones, electricity, everything –… Read More

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I don’t know about y’all but I’ve lightly mourned the loss of the great television soap operas I grew up on (you know, the likes of Days of Our Lives and Guiding Light) for a few years now.  So, I was beyond excited to have this little piece of American nostalgia back for consumption by… Read More

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Downton Abbey

Are y’all watching Downton Abbey?  I’m positively smitten with the series!  Set in England in the early nineteen hundreds, Downton Abbey tells the story, resplendent with romance, scandal and humor, of the prominent Crawley family and their servants. Season two premiers on Sunday, but there’s time to catch up on season one online!  The story is fabulously… Read More

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Worth Seeing

A few years back and on the reco of bestie S, I spent a long summer day lost in the pages of Water for Elephants.  Set in Depression-era America, the novel tells the tale of a young, forlorn vet that joins a travelling circus and impossibly falls in love with the boss’s wife turned star… Read More

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Fins Up

We joined throngs of Atlanta parrotheads for our lost-track-of-how-many annual excursions to the Jimmy Buffett concert yesterday. In true Buffett fashion and with the top down on the Jeep, we hit the parking lot hours before the the concert kicked off for a festive, margarita-fied tailgate. Zac Brown?  Or a spot on doppleganger? Skinny Girl… Read More

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