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I’ve been so anxiously awaiting my turn on the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes!! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!


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I stuck with the traditional red and green colors on the exterior of the house, and throughout most of the inside as well.

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I often get asked how we attach our wreaths to the windows. I use large suction cups with hooks, and clean the window and the hook before using so that they stay put for the duration. Our windows are double hung, so for the upstairs window, we pull them top down and just stick the wreath out and attach it that way. The lower level can be done from the ground.

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I string my front door garland with both mini white lights and two strands of the larger C7 old-fashioned style lights. It makes it super bright and sparkly from the street.

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I have used the same ribbons around the front door for six years. Since it is covered it doesn’t weather much. I just bag it up in a trash bag and stick it in the attic each year.

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The wreath was from Hobby Lobby years ago and I added the 12” indoor/outdoor white monogram from Scrappin Plus last year. You can see all the details here.

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I used the same wood monograms on each of the entry doors.

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Now, without further ado, y’all come on in. I use bright red velvet and gold ribbons and pheasant feathers in the foyer.

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The living room is one of the few that departs from the traditional Christmas colors, but I love it just the same. I have decorated the “fancy” tree with birds, nests, oysters and coastal inspired ornaments. I add a whole bag of flocked picks to the tree before decorating it to fill it in and give it a snowy look.

DSC_0181 cop2y

The peacock ribbon is new this year. It was love at first sight right there in the aisle at Hobby Lobby.

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DSC_0183 cop2y

I made the coffee filter wreaths a few years back. You can find the how-to here.


Tucking a little swag of garland on top of sconces is one of my favorite ways to bring Christmas to every corner of the house!

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I had so much fun changing up the dining room this year. I used white and silver and just adore how it turned out.

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Sister got me the two silver reindeer at least ten years ago. They have attachments to add candles in the antlers, but I love them without.

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I layered a remnant of white fur from Whit’s FROZEN Sven costume on top of the linen pleated runner that mother made.

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I used a rosemary topiary for the centerpiece. It smells divine and I will plant it in our garden soon!

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The china is Butler’s Pantry by Lenox, sterling is my family pattern Strasburg by Gorham, crystal is Waterford Lismore Tall, bowls are from Pottery Barn and custom monogram on linen napkins is by Number Four Eleven.

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This room is impossible to photograph at a good angle. I tie wreaths with white ribbons to the backs of the side chairs at Christmas.

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We keep our Nativity on the buffet. It was one of the first Christmas decorations I bought on my own about fifteen years ago.

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In the kitchen things return to the colorful red and green scheme. I added a lot of polka dots this year to make things super cheerful. We do a lot of special dinners during the holiday season for the littles.

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The preserved boxwood wreath is from Southern Homes & Gardens. It has held up beautifully over the last eighteen months.

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I swap out all of my regular china with Spode Christmas Tree for the holidays. It has to be the happiest Christmas china around!! I am SO glad that we had this on our wedding registry. Mother and Daddy-O add to my collection each year.

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The mini kitchen tree has a collection of Spode ornaments. I especially love the ones from our wedding, our first home and baby’s first Christmas. Our happy everything plate gets topped off with a playful elf for the holidays!!

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I picked up the darling gingerbread house at Kohl’s a few years ago. And year after year after year the littles both try to eat it when they lay eyes on it for the first time.

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I traded out our Halloween cereal bar for naughty and nice snacks. I’ll give you ONE guess which ones went first. General Mills has since sent me their holiday cereals so that will go up next week!!

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I added an ikat polka dot runner to the table (fabric remnant from our patriotic porch pillows). Mother is making me a few fabulous red plaid pillows for the bench that I hope to get very soon!!!

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(Whew! This is getting really long. Hope y’all are hanging in there…)

This is my favorite room of the lot this year. I just love all of the red and gold and how cozy and sparkly everything is.
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I swap our most of our year round pillows and blankets for red ones. Once upon a time I had a red and black den… good thing I hung on to some of that stuff.
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We’ve had some very warm days and I adore keeping the doors open to the porch.
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We have to move one of the chairs from in front of the fireplace to the window to accommodate the tree. I also brought down that cute bench from the attic and quickly recovered it in left over fabric from the sofa pillows to add seating. I think I’ll leave it year round!
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This is my very favorite tree of all. It has all of our family ornaments. I can tell you where and why each one was purchased or who gave it to us, and there are hundreds. Everything from Radko and Waterford to hand-made school ornaments has a place here. It is a true walk down memory lane to put this up each year, and we love adding to it as we travel and celebrate milestone accomplishments.

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I fell in love with the leopard ribbon at Hobby Lobby and added that to the traditional red and gold that we use each year.

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The stockings are from Ballard Designs and the wood monograms are from Scrappin Plus (painted gold).

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My monogrammed Initial Proper pillow is perfect with all the red and gold. I swapped out pictures with all of our Santa greetings this year. I’m not sure why that never occurred to me before, but it is a lot of fun to look back on. John cannot seem to understand that the red faced crying baby in the older ones is HIM, NOT his brother.

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I picked up the gold glittered trees on a visit to bestie R a few years ago. And, come to think of it, that signed Big Easy Style book (we met Bryan Batt!!) was from a visit to bestie R AND I own the House Proud book because his home is featured. So let’s just call this corner a little ode to Ron…

DSC_0095 copy

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Since this room was just finished a few months ago, it was fun to have something to start from scratch with as far as Christmas decorating goes. I’ve always always wanted a Lilly tree and this seemed like the perfect place. I’ll give a full tour and sources soon, but here’s a little sneak peek.

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Find the free printable Merry Christmas, y’all here.

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Both of the boys have their own trees and ornaments, which we add to every year. Honey and I both choose one that is representative of something they loved, did or accomplished that year.

DSC_0213 copy

I will always love his snowman painting from preschool. It comes out each winter!

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A few little Christmas pillows and nutcrackers are tucked into places.

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Now, we go all out with decorations in John’s room since this is where both boys sleep and play. I held on to his red quilts when we re-did the room and just love how cheerful this space is with the tree, Christmas bedding and peppermint themed happiness in all corners!

DSC_0232 (2) copy

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I moved their Advent tree up here this year, which is perfect since it is inevitably the first thing they check upon waking. I have since filled each pocket with a little tag noting a special Christmas experience or activity for the day.

DSC_0234 (2) copy

FullSizeRender (1)

Mother made the Mickey stockings for the boys a few years ago. The Old Try print to the right is one of my all time favorites. It’s Christmas themed, but we leave it up year round it’s so good.

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DSC_0242 (2) copy

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I just threw up the boy’s red towels (because I have them) and put a strange little holiday gator on the back of the potty (because I had it) and called it a day in this room. The boys never, ever use their bathroom. I suppose the navy blue behemoth tub in the master is hard to resist.

DSC_0221 (2) copy

I love adding a few Christmas touches to the guest suite, because between Thanksgiving, two birthdays and Christmas, Mother and Daddy-O spend quite a few days here!

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After the den, the porch is my favorite place for the holidays.

DSC_0176 copy

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Most of our days are still warm enough to enjoy it, and we love spending evening sipping hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows in the fire place.

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Bestie M recently gave me the fabulous strand of oysters. Neither of us was exactly sure what it was intended to be used as, but I think it’s beautiful just draped on the coffee table.

DSC_0249 (2) copy

I set up our hot chocolate station again this year!! I also FINALLY hung the coveted oyster wreath that Paige, Ron, Lauren and I have all been hunting down at various Home Goods stores across a few different states.

DSC_0267 (2) copy

DSC_0266 (2) copy

DSC_0260 (2) copy

DSC_0262 (2) copy

DSC_0263 (2) copy

I filled the clamshell with greenery before layering back in the usual fishing floats and oyster shells.

DSC_0257 (2) copy

DSC_0268 (2) copy

And, last but not least, our little garden even got crowned by a wreath!

DSC_0177 copy

I am SO excited to finally share my holiday home tour with y’all… although I think taking pictures and writing the actual post was more exhausting than the actual decorating :-) I have all of the makings of an entire Georgia Tech Christmas basement from our old house but have yet to set it all up here. The way the littles tear around down there just doesn’t lend itself to a tree full of collectible ornaments. Besides, I think one more tree would do me in. LOL

Merry Christmas!!!


Don’t miss the 2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes!!


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  1. Amanda! Wow!! Your tour is absolutely stunning! I love the way you put a special touch on each and every room!! Just beautiful! I think cleaning and getting the house ready to photograph is the most difficult part! ;) Four littles tearing it up does me in!! Merry Christmas to you and your family! xox, Emily

  2. Wow! Every single room in your home is drop dead gorgeous! I love your style and you have some beautiful and unique pieces. Your dining room is so beautiful and I love the table display you created. Thank you for the inspiration and Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Amanda, your home is just lovely. I look forward to seeing your Christmas tour each year. No magazine could ever top your home.

  4. Wow!! How do I even choose a favorite thing out of such a beautiful tour? I love so many different things! Your dining room table is spectacular (those PB bowls caught my eye), your tree trimmed with the peacock ribbon (gorgeous), your cozy den, and your PORCH! Love, love, love! Enjoy your home now that the hard work is done! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this post! Your house is beautiful and you have so many great ideas! Thank you for sharing! I really like the greenery and gold ornaments you have hanging over the breakfast table. Great idea!

  6. Wow – your house is seriously decked out from top to bottom with so so many beautiful things! I especially love your gorgeous mantel, your naughty and nice jars, and your amazing outdoor space. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Always the favorite!! Your home is gorgeous Amanda. Love all the details, ribbon, gorgeous trees. You can tell so much thought goes into each aspect.
    Oh, and if your oyster wreath goes missing…look know further than bestie R as we are still hunting for the mate to the one I sent him. LOL

  8. PERFECTION. I will be looking at this for days! Oh, Amanda…your home is gorgeous and very special. It's the love you truly put into everything that makes it so unbelievably beautiful.

    Jane, San Diego

    PS I received my monogrammed notebooks and they are so cute and such nice quality! I can't wait to order more after the holidays.

  9. Amanda! It looks beautiful! That took so much work! Thanks for the inspiration. I love the incorporation of the new ribbons this year. I really, really love the peacock ribbon and the feathers you have added. What a great Christmas party house!

  10. I've been anticipating your Christmas home tour & you didn't disappoint, it's BEAUTIFUL!!! The whole house looks lovely. You really did a great job, just the right amount. The Lilly tree is adorable. If I may ask, what size monogram did you choose for the stockings? On a side note, I saw that a new Back in the Day Bakery cookbook is being released mid March! (I think on St. Patty's Day). Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  11. I always LOVE your Christmas tour, Amanda! Beautiful, festive, and cozy ~ every nook filled with something thoughtful! I'm going to steal your naughty and nice jars, that will get a laugh from my boys! :) I've been smitten with your porch since I first saw it, and the hot chocolate bar is too fun! Enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  12. I am so in love with your beautiful home all year, but I especially love it at Christmas time. You are so talented and everything is beautifully done. Merry Christmas. Peggy

  13. So beautiful Amanda! Your home is stunning and every room is just festive and beautiful. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful back porch and your hot cocoa station is adorable. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your beautiful home with us. Sending wishes for a wonderful Christmas for you and your family. Cheers!

  14. Beautiful, elegant, and you have the best design "eye" of anyone I have seen. I love every detail you have done! Amazing Amanda!!!

  15. I so love seeing your beautiful home at Christmas…You have created the most joyous home that your family will have treasured memories for a lifetime. You have coordinated your passions in your decor so wonderfully with your Christmas decor…thanks for the tour, I so very much enjoyed it!

  16. I hadn't a clue that two Tech grads could own anything red!!!! To think you once had a red and black den is almost frightening. Your home is always lovely but especially so at Christmas. Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. Amanda, your home looks stunning as usual! I love how you bring Christmas into every room (and outside space) of your house! The red is so festive but I also like how you complimented your dining room and living room color palettes with greens and your fun new Peacock ribbon! What a fun Christmas home for your kiddos and family!

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  20. Perfection ~ on every level, in every room! I have no clue how you do it ~ I'm exhausted just thinking of decorating all the trees. Of course you're much younger and I used to do soooo much more myself! :) I love that you use so many meaningful items and ornaments ~ beautiful memories for the boys. Do you mind sharing where you found the containers for the goodies used in the hot chocolate bar? Love, love that porch and I can't wait to see the "Lilly" room!


  21. So very pretty!! Love all the details, but the kids' rooms are precious and I'm so jealous you can sit outside by the fire at Christmas (that's not happening here in NJ). :) Merry Christmas!

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