Trick or Treat {Our Halloween}

We started full steam ahead Halloween celebrations last Wednesday and made pretty much a complete week of it.  Here are the highlights of our Halloween week…

Treat: We decorated and then ATE our Halloween gingerbread.

Trick: I surprised Whit as Mystery Reader for his class!!  His teacher is a huge Disney fan and got a kick out of my haunted mansion leggings.  I brought in four books intending for Whit to choose two but I ended up reading all of them.  I sure miss these days with John and will be soaking up every one I have with Whit.

Trick: Elsa got in on the SCARY fun.

Treat: Honey and I took Whit to Boo-Bash at The Melting Pot.  Kids ate free in costume!!  John had other plans.  :-(

Trick: Honey and I attended Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. In costume!!

Trick: Whit and I took Elsa to the Howloween Party at Atlanta Dog Spa.  It was the best night of her life, by all accounts.

Trick: I got to make slime with 20 third graders at Whit’s class Halloween party!!

TRICK OR TREAT: And finally it was time for the big night!!  Whit was SO pleased with this costume and John updated last year’s clown with a new wig that he could wear to school (no face masks but that face).

We hit up our usual side street for loads of trick or treating and then headed to the S house for an after party, candy trading and lots of bunny petting.  Blonde AW let her girls bring both their dog and their bunny out for the festivities and Whit was in LOVE.

I hope y’all had a safe, sugar-full Halloween!!!

Now, cue all things Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Falalalalalalalala!


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5 thoughts on “Trick or Treat {Our Halloween}

  1. Too fun! Too cute! Too scary! Looks like a good time was had by all. Your titles of “tricks” & “treats” is so clever! We had a great night too and feel in love with a tiny hotdog! :-)

  2. I left pilates today and went straight to the Santa shop. I wasn’t the only one in the mood for Christmas. The parking lot was packed! I’m ready to put the tree up! But, Hubby makes me wait til Thanksgiving. HA!

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