Meal Plan {Late Summer}

I get a lot of questions on a regular basis about meal planning and thought I’d share how I plan for the week. On an ongoing basis, I will also try to share what I made the week(s) before!


Caprese Chicken Sheet Pan Supper (absolutely delicious; will be on the rotation)


Walking Tacos (Whit’s request)


Best Banana Bread for breakfast (truly the BEST; I make it multiple times a month)
Leftovers for supper


Chicken Noodle Soup (Instant Pot Version; John’s request; Froze leftovers for at least one more meal down the road)


OYO / Leftovers


Swimming & Take out with Sister’s Family


Havarti Grilled Cheese (another new and delicious dinner)

Meal Planning Details

  • While I do plan a menu every single week, and have for as long as we’ve been married, I don’t have a big prep day to get it all ready.
  • I usually plan for the week on Saturday mornings. I make a big cup of coffee and gather up my cookbooks and magazines (Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens.)
  • I first look at our family calendar (we use our apple phones for this) and outline the week – if there are nights where both boys have late sports those are usually leftovers. If there are nights where we are going out, that is noted. If we are going out without the boys, I mark that OYO (on your own, both boys can cook). From there, I know how many times I need to cook in order to have food on the table every night.
  • I often 1.5x or 2x recipes in order to have leftovers. I am basically feeding three men and myself and the days of eating off of a pack of chicken for two nights are long gone.
  • Mother jokes that no scrap of food is ever left uneaten in our home and that is true. Everyone here eats leftovers and if a day comes when we have plenty of food in the fridge, I simply move whatever I had planned to the next night so that it doesn’t just build up in containers in the fridge.
  • I typically plan for a fun breakfast on the weekend, or during the week if my schedule will permit.
  • I plan for dessert once a week, usually on Sunday.
  • I consider a new recipe I’d like to try, family favorites and recipes we loved but haven’t had in a while.
  • I take stock of anything we have in the fridge that needs to be used up, and take inspiration from that to remake an old favorite or try something new.
  • Honey grills 6 chicken breasts and 6 burgers every Sunday for the boy’s snacks and lunches. I make a bunch of brown rice in the instant pot.
  • Honey and I both work at home full time and also eat leftovers for lunch, when it is not earmarked for a leftover night.
  • I keep a paper list of meals in the freezer so that we remember to eat them.

With that, I’m off to make supper for tonight! John is managing to be here to dine with us on a Saturday night so that’s an unusual treat.

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