The Disney Wish {Adult Activities}


I tell all my clients that you really don’t need to book ONE thing in advance to have a magical time at sea! There are SO many activities available on-board when you arrive that if you have over planned you will miss out. Excursions and activities have to be cancelled no later than 3 days prior to your sail date so they are locked in before you see the amazing things to enjoy on the ship (free of charge too).

The Disney Wish
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Adult Activities

Following are our favorite adult activities after 11 voyages on Disney Cruise Line. They are pretty standard throughout the fleet and we have enjoyed most of these for many years!

Match Your Mate

Match Your Mate is one of our all time favorites and we MUST hit it on every cruise. The couples are selected from the audience – typically a newlywed, a oldlywed :-), and a fun, crazy couple that falls in the middle. The women leave the the men are asked three questions. The women return and if they answer the same way the couple earns a point. Then, the men and women switch for round two. It’s always so much fun and our belly hurts from laughing!

Heard That?

Heard That? is sound clip trivia. It could be from a commercial, a song, or any random noise. The room is divided into two teams. Each team will have one player at the buzzer. Their team can help out, but not by calling out the answer, only by charades. Again, fun and funny!

Majority Minds

We LOVE Majority Minds. You will be asked a question and write the answer on a piece of paper. Say…. What is the best first dance wedding song? Everyone turns in their answers and the majority answer wins. Each team that put that down gets a point. So… you have to think how you think everyone else in the room will be thinking to win.

Silent DJ Party

Honey humors me with this but I LOVE IT! HA! Everyone wears headphones that have three channels. You swap between the songs to your own personal DJ party. It is hysterical to look around the room and see people singing and dancing to something completely different than what you are listening too. Or, sometimes, you’ll see someone having a great time and scroll through the channels to hear what they are hearing. Honey enjoys it for the people watching but does not leave his chair.

Wish Quest

Wish Quest is a scavenger hunt in the room where you are. So, it is helpful to have a bag of stuff, a phone with photos and a creative mind that can act out any scenario. You may be asked for something with the Disney Cruise Line logo on it, in which case you run up with your key card. OR you may be asked to see your favorite pet, in which case you could show a photo or just act out barking and licking for a point. The first two teams get more points. Everyone else that comes up with something gets one point.

Music Trivia

This is pretty self explanatory and it is always a packed room. You’ll find it offered usually by decade – we’ve done 70s, 80s and 2000s. Everyone sings along. It’s just good old fashioned trivia fun!

Enchanted Escapes for Adults

The kids weren’t the only ones in mind when Disney designed The Wish. Rather than an adult area (called the District on the other ships), adult spaces are scattered throughout the ship! Check my detailed post below for a peek at rest, relaxation, dining and lounges! Not too many clients come to me looking to book an adult-only Disney Cruise, but every one that has done it reports back that it was the best time ever! My parents cruise without us and the grands often, and Honey and I had such a spectacular time at sea without the kids that we are doing it all again next fall!

Let’s Set Sail

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