Making Halloween Happy {Eye Love Halloween Dinner}

This fun dinner turned out even even better than I’d imagined. I love taking a favorite meal and adding a little something extra to make it holiday special. And so, tonight we dined on Meatloaf Eyeballs and Brow-eye Pie.

I used my favorite meatloaf recipe (for over 20 years!) and formed them into balls rather than loaves. I took a little time off of the baking to account for their size. (If you use my recipe, I did 30 minutes, topped with sauce and then 10 more minutes. I used a meat thermometer to ensure they were fully cooked.)

For the eyes, I used fresh mozzarella and capers. I popped those on top once they came out of the oven. Everything was served on a bed of mashed potatoes.

The pie recipe is anther long time favorite. You can find that recipe HERE. Candy eyeballs from my stash take it from everyday to Halloween worthy.

I have one more Halloween meal on the docket for tomorrow night – Mummy Stromboli. I can’t help myself – eye am who eye am.

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