Rosemary Beach: Arrival

We arrived in Rosemary Beach just after lunch and couldn’t wait to get settled in the house!  Rosemary is the glorious slice of Heaven on Florida’s Gulf Coast where our family heads each year to relax, unwind and soak up the sun.  The sparkling pools are divine, the white sand and blue ocean is like a dream and the community is one where you park the car on arrival and go by bike or foot for the rest of the week.

Like last year, I made up little car baskets for the six hour ride from Atlanta.  I bought a few new things at the Dollar Tree and then added in coloring books, crayons and pencils, movies and cars we already owned.  This always helps to make our drive go a little smoother!
July 2012 285
On arrival, Honey headed off to the pool and Sugar Shak with the PCP while the babies played trains and rest of us hung back to get settled in for the week.
July 2012 288 July 2012 299
For supper we tried Crabby Steves at Highpoint.  The views were spectacular – probably the best in and around Rosemary – and the food was okay.  It’s a super casual eat-in-your-bare-feet kind of joint and the men in our party loooooved the place!
July 2012 292
July 2012 294
Back at the house, we celebrated Sister’s birthday with cake and gifts (I was drooling over Mother’s crepe paper flowers.)  Just as soon as they gobbled up their last bite, we tucked the littles in bed and Mother and Daddy-O kept an eye on them while the adults headed out!!
July 2012 296 July 2012 300 So excited to wake up at the beach tomorrow!!

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