Pete the Pirate Fairy

Well gals, guess who lost another tooth?!?! (And guess who will be paying for braces in a few years??)

Despite my best intentions to be prepared for tooth loss number two with plenty of fairy dust and a coffer of unique coins, once again I was left scraping together something memorable at eleven o’clock that night.  Since Mimi gifted John with the Tooth Chest after his first loss down in Rosemary Beach, I knew I’d be trading in the Tooth Fairy for a more suitable pirate-esque boy version.

The little angel left his pint sized baby tooth in his chest and, while he sweetly slumbered away, Pete the Pirate Fairy not so gently stormed into his room… leaving the blinds askew and gold dubloons scattered in his wake.

Pete the Pirate Fairy absconded with that precious tooth and, inside the Tooth Chest, left a dollar bill and a pint-sized pirate note.

The note read:
John, me matey – Me thanks you greatly for the bloody fine tooth.  I’ll bury it with me treasure.  Aarrgh, Pete the Pirate Fairy.

I must say that the PCP thought this new fairy was “super duper awesome”.  Never fear, Pete’s been offered a long term contract for his tooth fairy services.

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Atelier Antlers

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Hi Cookie, I’m Mommy

Until last week, I had ridiculously little time one on one with my sweet, fat, happy baby Whit (aka Cookie.) He’s three years younger than John (aka Precious Cutie Pie, aka PCP) and spent the first two and three-quarter years of his precious life being carted around to the PCP’s events, activities, parties and play… Read More

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Stealing a Page

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Wish List

At parent’s night last week, John’s new Kindergarten teacher had a few items pinned up on her “wish list”.  I chose Clorox wipes (because I appreciate germ fighting as much as the next mom) and Skittles (because the PCP, clearly inheriting my sweet tooth, will do anything for a shot of sugar.) Since John’s class… Read More

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Last night we celebrated BIL’s (brother in law) big four-oh birthday in a bash absolutely positively perfectly suited for the guest of honor.  If I were asked to name three things that BIL adores, the list would run much like his party did: cheese, good food and games.  We noshed on six feet of gourmet… Read More

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