Family Photos

We spent last Saturday morning out on a local farm with local photographer, Kimberly McCoy.  A friend and co-worker of bestie C’s Mister J, I’ve ogled and coveted her pictures for over a year now and was so excited to finally have my turn!

I just cannot say enough great things about Kim.  First and foremost, the way she handled my wild and carefree littles was admirable.  It was evident from the get go that she’s a seasoned mom and photographer and that she was not the least bit intimidated by my two hooligans.  Also of note, I’ve never seen a photographer (and trust me, I’ve “seen” quite a few) wallow on the ground, crane around trees, climb fences and contort into more odd positions all in the name of capturing the perfect picture.  Finally, I love that she had us bring a few things from home.  Since the littles play incessantly with the red wagon, that was a no brainer!  And the books were a last minute add that just turned out adorable and SO special…in one of the pictures Cookie is holding my most beloved and well read book (read: the pages have all been taped back in) from my own childhood, Town Mouse Country Mouse.  Kim is clearly passionate about her craft and I’m absolutely smitten with the result!

If you’re in the Atlanta area, check her out!  Kim’s website is here and her blog is here.

Thanks bestie C for another great referral, and thanks Kim for capturing the spirit and personalities of my two precious littles.  Now I’m going to have to embezzle a pretty penny from under Honey’s marginally watchful eye to pay for some terribly large prints…nothing I haven’t done before, I suppose.  *bwahahahaha*


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Ruffly Goodness

Wanting a little something fru fru in the midst of the somewhat-mod-for-my-taste basement we’ve been renovating for over a year, I embellished some basic white towels in no time flat and for a grand total of six dollars for the newly updated bathroom. I started with plain white bath towels from Wal-Mart. (six-dollars) and plain… Read More

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Well, the much anticipated first day of Kindergarten went off without a hitch!  As soon as the alarm buzzed, I scooted down the hall to the PCP’s room, turned on the light and whispered for him to start waking up.  Not two seconds later he’s bounding down the hall and excitedly proclaiming “I didn’t sleep… Read More

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Countdown Wrap-up

We spent the last 25 days on an alphabet inspired countdown to Kindergarten.   Here’s how we wrapped-up the countdown: fly paper airplanes pick up shells at the beach catch lightening bugs decorate cookiesexplore the creek marsh go fishing lie in the grass and look at stars play hop scotch Mimi and John tackled this one out on the driveway last week! make and… Read More

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