The Ironbirds

Fall like weather is here and fall ball is on!  The Ironbirds opened their season with an impressive win this morning and I couldn’t have been prouder of my boys on the field.  The PCP had me beaming when he slammed the ball to the outfield every time he went to bat, when he skillfully manned third base for the first time, and when he was just a vision of his daddy in the catcher’s garb behind home plate (Honey’s position in college.) Speaking of Honey, his sweet disposition and encouraging words with the boys on the field made my heart once again swell with joy.  He’s such a good man, in so many ways.
I’m co-team mom-ing again with fun friend M.  She does all the hard work while I just make a few paper products and cute snacks.  And while I’m still mulling over what I’ll do this season for the aforementioned “cute snacks”, have a look see at those paper products…
We attach name tags to the fence behind the bench in the dugout to keep the team in batting order.  Organizing twelve boys between the ages of four and six to do anything is like herding cats.  Each season I download the team’s logo from the internet, print the tags front and back, laminate them, punch a hole at the top and insert a book ring.  Easy, cheap and extremely efficient!

And since it seems ninety percent of our little ball players have the same black bat bag season after season, these bag tags have saved us time and again from major mix ups.  Same process to create as the dugout tags, just in a mini version.

After the game, we grabbed a pizza, took John for a haircut and fall clothes shopping, picked up a fab cake stand at Pier 1, dropped off fabric with my No. Four Eleven custom monogram to the shop reupholstering my ugly bedroom chair, checked out books at the library AND spent five hours at Six Flags!!!  I’m tireder than tired.  So tired, in fact, that I’m too tired to look up whether or not tireder is a word…
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We All Scream

…for ICE CREAM!!! And, after one of our last swims of the summer, I dished it up super-special-like… The cutest little mini ice cream cones (left over from our lemonade stand) were dipped in melted chocolate, rolled in sprinkles, topped with homemade (hence the runniness) vanilla ice cream and decorated with a pink jelly bean… Read More

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Oyster Fetish

Gracing my home in the form of mirrors, candle holders, oil paintings and even wine corks, it’s no secret that I have a oyster fetish.  So, I’m just over the moon with one of my newest additions to my oyster addiction…the oyster frame! Living on the coast, Mother and Daddy-O frequently enjoy the gorgeously shelled… Read More

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Labor Day

Well, Labor Day is here.  That dreaded end-of-summer holiday that not only signals the closing day of the pool, but also the last day for white pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, shoes and purses AND the retirement of linens and seersuckers.  Boo.  Hiss.  But, before I get ahead of myself, I should share what was a… Read More

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