After Christmas Cards

Once again, Pinterest has served up a fabulous a-ha idea…this time in the form of turning Christmas card photos into iphone contacts!

One of the things I dislike most about un-Christmassing my house is filing away all of the gorgeous holiday cards sent from friends and family all over the world.  Unable to bear the thought of tossing them, after Christmas I generally file the cards away in a photo album (though this year they simply went on a big binder clip thanks to new friend A’s ingenious idea.)  And, pretty much exactly once a year, I look back on the pictures and marvel at the stories they tell of the last ten years.  Weddings, babies, trips, more babies, a few second weddings and a lot more babies.

Now I’ll get to enjoy the cards all year long, each and every time my phone rings!

With that, I do solemnly swear to refrain from Christmas posts for at least the next ten months.


PS. A few neighborhood gals invited me to watch the Bachelor last night over cheese, chocolate and wine.  As such, I have been forced to add one more unscrupulous show to my already questionable repertoire.  Ahhh!  Isn’t it terribly good?!?!

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Happy Birthday

Teacher. Idol. Confidant. Friend. Mother. Happy Birthday, Marme!  We love you so much! And it wouldn’t be Mother’s birthday without a shout out to The King.  No doubt it’s a rockin’ birthday up there.  Or wherever you might be :-) xoxo By dixiedelights | Filed under Uncategorized | Tags: family Share

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Around Atlanta {Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park}

For Christmas this year the littles each received four gifts: do, read, want, need.  For John’s “do” gift, he received tickets to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park.  Each winter, the park transforms the laser lawn into a winter wonderland, resplendent with *real* snow ripe for tubing and playing! We had a scream on the… Read More

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Downton Abbey

Are y’all watching Downton Abbey?  I’m positively smitten with the series!  Set in England in the early nineteen hundreds, Downton Abbey tells the story, resplendent with romance, scandal and humor, of the prominent Crawley family and their servants. Season two premiers on Sunday, but there’s time to catch up on season one online!  The story is fabulously… Read More

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