Star Provisions

I could go on and on about all of the delightful little shops and eateries dotting Atlanta’s Westside.  Today I would like for you to meet Star Provisions – a shop and eatery all rolled up into one sensory dream spot.

Attached to the famed and celebrated Bacchanalia (at which I have yet to dine), the shop is just a feast for the eyes.  Inside you will find cases exploding with fine meats, fresh seafood, hundreds of gourmet cheeses, a coffee bar and a sundry of perfectly presented gifts and housewares.

And Provisions To Go is epicurean nirvana.  I love to pop in for a gourmet sandwich (the Shrimp Po’ Boy is unsurpassed) or savory tart (think summer squash, basil, vidalia onions and Gruyere), bon vivant sparkling beverage and delectable dessert (the S’more is my go-to.)

Sister and I have both used the S’mores as a divine party favor!

After lunch, head right on over to Forsyth or Lewis and Sheron for a most indulgently delightful way to spend a couple of hours.  It’s a revered outing for all the ladies in my family.


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Buh-Bye Blue

I have been anxiously awaiting the day I would say buh-bye to the last of the basement’s heinous blue carpeting complete with forty years of wear, tear and stains.  Ewww, the stains.  So, in a budget conscious and little friendly manner, we (ie. Honey) stripped out the nastiness and painted the stairs and hand rail. … Read More

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Days Like That

Earlier this week when we were faced with a good long, lazy summer day with nothing to do, we had a grand old time doing exactly as we pleased. Clad in diapers and jammies, we “worked” at collecting bark from the tree. We watched a bevvy of Scooby Doos while dressed like Bumblebee and Bat-Bob.… Read More

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Little Ensembles

Mother has evidently been working her fingers to the bone, sewing up precious little ensembles for her three grandsons.  Twice in the last week I received a present package bearing her return address and both times I squealed with delight!  I just want to go and hug her neck!! She thoughtfully decks out her creations… Read More

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Visiting Bird

My sweet nephew Bird spent a short stint at Children’s Healthcare at Scottish Rite last week having an exploratory surgery and being examined by an assorted lot of specialists.  He weighed in at only three and a half pounds at birth and, since he still hasn’t “caught up” at age two, he needed to have… Read More

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