Valentine’s Day Fun {Simply Flower Arrangement + Video}

I made a sweet and simple arrangement as the centerpiece of our at-home Valentine’s Day dinner with Instead of Flowers. In the video below, you can see just how quick and easy it was! For those that prefer photos (me, me, me!), here is the step by step. Gather your supplies – I used a… Read More

Valentine’s Day Fun {Instead of Flowers Dinner + Discount Code}

Last month I raved about our delicious meal from Instead of Flowers. Well, they read my post and loved it! So much so that they offered me a little collaboration for the next three months. It is RARE that I say yes to this kind of thing but we truly loved their product so much… Read More

Valentine’s Day Fun {Be Mine Door}

Happy February! I was excited to flip the calendar and pull out all the pink things and hearts. This is one of my favorite door hangers!  January and February are particularly dreary here in Atlanta and it adds a much needed splash of fun and color. Back over Thanksgiving, Mother helped me plant all of my… Read More

Sports Hall of Fame {Presentation & Party}

This weekend was so incredibly fun and special as Honey and his 1992 High School Baseball team was the first team to be inducted into their High School Sports Hall of Fame! The team won the school’s first ever state baseball title, with a record of 33 and 5. That season, the Raiders were also… Read More

Celebrating Christmas 2022 {Ornament Trip Souvenirs}

I always love unwrapping our new Christmas ornaments collected from our travels to hang on the tree. This year we added ornaments from New Jersey (Cape May and Princeton), the Disney Wish, Kentucky (Lexington and Louisville), Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Utah, Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, and North Carolina. After this photo I uncovered a few… Read More

Ringing in 2023 {Traditional New Year Feast}

After a day spent at home resting, watching football and doing super fun things like cleaning the oven and ironing my bedspread, we enjoyed our 20th annual New Years Day meal! I gave myself gorgeous white linen napkins with a metallic gold monogram for Christmas last year (ha!) and they were the jumping off point… Read More