Daily Delight {Mother’s Christmas Home Tour}

I am so excited to share a few pics of Mother and Daddy-O’s home all decorated for the holidays.

They recently completed renovations on the exterior to extend the length of the windows on the far right and far left to match the size of the windows on either side of the front door.  They also updated the paint colors.  This is the same color as my house now!!  (Ben Moore Revere Pewter)

I’ve always loved her foyer with the grasscloth paper, mirror from her Mother’s home, stunning Chelsea Bird plates and antique blue and white lamp.  She made this wreath years ago with silvered pinecones and her collection of vintage jewelry.  Sister and I made the lovely potholder and clay santa, although I can’t recall which one of us made which.

The living room is such a cheerful and cozy room.  It is also home to my very favorite thing in her whole home – my grandma’s baby grand piano.

The dining room continues the blue and white colors, with accents of pink, yellow and green.  I have always loved her bar cabinet as well.

She painted the art over her mantle and this Nutcracker tree has been a mainstay for as long as I can remember.

The kitchen is full of cute Christmas vignettes.

Now, I have a real treat – a video tour of 90% of her home!!!  This is totally uncensored and not of the best quality, but you can definitely get a good luck.  Please remember that this was done the day after Christmas and there were 6 adults, 4 kids and a dog living here – it’s very real :-)


I really cannot believe that we are two days away from a brand new year!!  I hope that you and yours are enjoying the holiday season!!!


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6 thoughts on “Daily Delight {Mother’s Christmas Home Tour}

  1. I LOVE this! I love seeing what other people have in their houses. Most items have a story, and I love hearing the stories behind treasured furniture, decorative items, and other things that fill people’s homes. Upon first glance at a person’s house, all we can appreciate is how aesthetically pleasing things are. When we hear the stories, all of the “stuff” becomes very special treasures! Thanks for a glimpse into your parents’ awesome home. :)

  2. Your parents have a beautiful home and have raised two wonderful daughters. I especially love your delight in your mother’s decor. It speaks to your manners and regard for your mother as well as her design talent. Happy New Year!!

  3. I love, love, love how you and your mother share styles. I noticed the reindeer with the white jeweled stole. :) So neat that you carry on the style you grew up with. Unfortunately my own mother was into avocado green carpet and furniture when i was growing up; needless to say, I don’t share her love of that.

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