Last Sunday Supper of Summer {Our Favorite Burgers & Cake}

We spent our last Summer day of the year swimming, watching a movie and enjoying a favorite supper at home.

The summer days felt long, but the weeks flew by. John completed Spanish III online, spent many nights with his friends, continued to work on driving, and loved traveling all over the East Coast with his lacrosse team. Whit continued to enjoy cooking, spent countless hours on video games and finished up the year with this travel baseball team before landing a spot on a new one for 2021-22. We made so many new memories traveling to Disney World, Baltimore, Myrtle Beach, Montana and Wyoming. While the spider bite was an unexpected wrench in the plans, I tried hard not to let it slow us down. I only get so many summers with these two at home and I couldn’t bear to lose one.

The boys collectively agreed that they wanted Honey’s burgers and my chocolate cake for this last Summer Sunday Supper. Easy enough! I love his burgers too!

Mother painted me the celebration flag months ago and, as we look towards a new school year full of hope and promise, it felt appropriate. Not in celebration of a summer gone, but of 7th and 10th grades ahead.

I hope that you are all able to soak up the last days of summer and have a wonderful start to your school year! Let’s do this!

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2 thoughts on “Last Sunday Supper of Summer {Our Favorite Burgers & Cake}

  1. Just reread the burger recipe and your note about the fries. Please try the Rosemary Parmesan version! I could eat the entire bag along with a nice glass of Chardonnay!

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