Celebrating Christmas 2022 {MERRY Grazing Board}

My family loved the RAIDERS grazing board we had for John’s homecoming so much that I decided to put together another one while everyone was in town last week. Since I already had the ERR dishes, I decided to purchase M and Y to spell MERRY!

Letter Dishes

Like for Homecoming, I did a variety of cheese, meat, crackers, fruits and treats. I think I got everything at Trader Joe’s, which is a great source for things like this.

The whole group of us (minus John who was working) grazed all afternoon while the ladies made the Tinsel Trees. It was fun and festive!

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas 2022 {MERRY Grazing Board}

  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing all of your fun ideas! I ordered these for my family to make a grazing board for the holidays!

  2. I know you’ve probably mentioned this before, but how does the food not stain the wood, is it because it’s sealed?

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