Classic Christmas Home Tour 2022 {Living Room + Office}

Happy weekend friends!! There are only two rooms I don’t decorate in red and green and those are the living room / Honey’s office and my office. Let’s take a peek inside today.

Living Room Aqua and White Christmas Decor

I much prefer a collected tree over a styled tree, but every tree has a time and place, right?!  In our home, the living room tree has a color scheme – silver, gold and aqua.  I do it here because I wanted a tree that could be seen from the street and the foyer, but that didn’t require finding new things for it every year. I put the tree up and all was fine for a few days. Then, when I was taking these photos I noticed a strand of lights was out. Now, about two weeks after I took the photos, every other strand of lights is out and it looks like a Grinch tree. :-) We also have a mysterious leak in the ceiling on the other side of this room now so I’ve just cut this whole room from my mind until after the holidays. LOL.

I have a video of the living room below. Last year I asked on Instagram if y’all prefer to see home tours via photos or videos and most people picked both.

On the antique secretary, I keep a collection of my boy’s Santa pics from through the years.  I am so deep into Santa pictures that I can’t figure out when to stop. I’m thinking next year will be our last.

I also have my Grandma-O’s Christmas music box displayed here.  I remember this in her home when I was really little and am honored to proudly display it in my home now.

My mom, sister and I made the nativity canvas out of oyster shells for our annual Christmas craft a few years ago. You can see it here! Sister gave me the angel canvas the Christmas Matthew was born.

I also keep my beloved Christmas pyramid from my Adventures by Disney Germany trip in the living room.  I bought this in the charming town of Rothenburg and love it as much here at home as I did abroad.  I still haven’t lit the candles – I’m terrified of burning the whole thing down.

Half of this room stays in a state of disarray as it is Honey’s office. Creative cropping makes it disappear. :-)

Office Colorful Christmas Decor

Next is the my office. I spend a lot of time in here and, as usual, I went with PINK because I can always use a little more pink in my life!

You can take a quick two minute tour of my office in this video!

Mother gave me the CUTEST desk plaque ever and it makes me smile every time I walk in and sit down to work. I say to myself “Holiday Cheer Captain clocking in!”

Nutcracker themed nutcrackers from my parent’s collection are on the credenza. They make for a fun background during zoom calls.

My Lilly themed tree is in my Lilly book basket this year and I love having it here when I’m working. I usually start my work day around 5:30 AM, and it feels extra magical with the twinkle lights. The tree topper is pink and gold and belonged to my grandma. The ornaments are from Lilly direct and etsy! CeeCee made me the angel a couple of years ago. She was delighted to see it on my tree still!

While my boys have outgrown the cute advent calendar, I still like to hang it up. <3

The dresser is used for storage in here, and I swap out just a couple of the decorative items with Christmas things. One of my (very) few new Christmas items for 2022 is the Scentsy Disney tree. My goodness, it smells up the house beautifully! The lights alternate between festive colors and I’ve loved having it in my office. A bowl of candy keeps the kids wanting to come in and visit with me. John made the art years ago and it is still one of my all time favorites. Neither of my boys are artistic so I treasure the few things that have come home and looked thoughtful and intentional. Can anyone else relate?! The mirror has a precious 12 days of Christmas from Lindsay Letters many, many years ago.

I’ll continue the tour next week!

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Balsam & Cedar Candle | North Pole Pillow
1″ Red Velvet Ribbon | 3″ Double Face Satin Red Ribbon
Record Player |  Elf soundtrack vinyl | Battery Tree Candles

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4 thoughts on “Classic Christmas Home Tour 2022 {Living Room + Office}

  1. I always enjoy your seeing your holiday home! I just ordered a few of the “Holiday Cheer Captain” signs for myself and friends, love them!

  2. I always love “visiting” your home at Christmas. And please don’t be afraid of burning your pyramid, it’s one of our favorite things to do! I don’t leave it lit for long, because those candles burn down fast! The biggest issue is blowing them out, place your hand behind so you don’t blow wax on it! But please light it! So fun to watch.

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