To Moi, From Moi

I truly consider myself to be practical in product selection.  I wear Bare Minerals makeup, use Purpose moisturizer and Oil of Olay cleanser.  I do, however, once a year, splurge on Bumble and Bumble hair care products.  Sister introduced me to this line three years ago and it was love at first shampoo.  Oh my, what a difference their products make for one cursed with super fine, super thin, super blah over all locks.  Not only is Bumble and Bumble virtually weightless, but it’s shine is just unmatched.

That said, let me get back to my original point, as it certainly was not my intent to bore y’all to tears with hair care product endorsements.  It was to say how very much I love to receive packages in the mail.  Seeing as the only thing better than a package, in my opinion, is a present package, I without a doubt ALWAYS take advantage of free gift wrap when it’s available.  And even when the gift wrap isn’t free, the gift card most certainly is.  So, in keeping with my usual habits, I was pleased as punch to have my Bumble and Bumble complimentary gift wrapped before it made its way to me via the good old men in brown.  I squealed with delight when the goods arrived and excitedly opened the “To: Moi, From: Moi” package present.

[I did wonder what the kind folks at Bumble and Bumble thought when they were packaging my order.  Do many people send shampoo (to themselves) as a gift?  I also wonder what my neighbors thought of the youngen taken pictures of her shampoo.] 

Sure, I could have lugged the littles to the salon and picked up my products in person.  Come to think of it, I’m headed there this afternoon.  Call me crazy, but when your shampoo arrives in the mail perfectly wrapped and with a nicely packaged note, it is just sooooo much better.

I can’t be the only one out there that does this.  Can I??


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