Sea Dragon Adventure

Ahoy!  While down in Rosemary Beach, our whole family scooted over to Panama City to spend a fantastic and authentic afternoon sailing the high seas aboard the Sea Dragon on our very own pirate adventure.  From the moment we started down the dock and saw the colossal pirate ship looming ahead, we knew we were in for a grand happening.

Once aboard, we first learned how to talk like a pirate (aaarrrrg!) and rules of the ship (to which the littles appropriately responded in unison “aye aye capt’n”).  And when the Capt’n said that the parents needed to sit down and enjoy the cruise while the pirates handled the chil’rn I had my doubts.  I must say that in spite of the throngs of littles aboard the ship, the two pirates tending to all those extra deck hands kept things running in perfect order. Quite the feat.  Even Mother, the once-upon-a-time kindergarten teacher, was thoroughly impressed.

Throughout the two hour long cruise, the pirates kept their word and the chil’rn moved seamlessly and happily from one activity to the next while us adults sipped on beers and grog and sunned ourselves on the deck.  Oh, and took a thousand pictures.

All the while, the capt’n steered the ship and kept order from his post, while his three mates dazzled us with daring feats and loads of adventure.

The littles had a massive water gun shoot out.

Then they were pressed into work to return the boat to is previously ship shape state.

Next up they had their faces painted and earned their pirate hats.

After which they returned to the shark-skin deck for a shockingly friendly sword fight (envision sixty kids wielding swords in a confined space.)

We even stopped for some dolphin watchin!

Each time the capt’n boomed “fire in the hole” you knew to cover your ears.  For, the Sea Dragon boasts a “real” cannon (I assure you it sounded real) that the capt’n fires at commoners frolicking on the beaches.  On deck, there was a small nerf cannon for the littles to take turn firing.

After the cannon firings, all mates headed down to the dungeon for a lesson on treasure huntin’.  Up on deck, we adults chilled to the tunes of Zac Brown and Buffet.  Can you even relish the though?!?!  On their return, they were sent to the front of the ship to look for a buoy marked with an X.  After all, X does mark the spot.  Once spied, first mate Jackknife theatrically and quite intricately pulled aboard a treasure chest from the depths of the deep blue sea.  Each little was invited to take three items from the chest and celebrate with a piece of fried rat tail pirate candy (smarties)!

Next, a pirate party ensued on deck.  Limbo, dancing, singing, pirate tatoos and all sorts of revelry in celebration of their good fortune.

And finally, Jackknife, Bones and Upchucker had the little mates recite the Pirate Oath.  I can’t recall the specific details but I assure you the littles found it quite hysterical.

As we disembarked the ship, and for the rest of the evening, we recounted stories to each other of our pirate adventure.  I suspect we’ll definitely be back in a few years, for it was a grand production, impressively run and something the littles aren’t likely to soon forget.

Until next time, chums!

PS.  Should you choose to embark on this adventure, which I cannot say enough good things about, be sure to apply sunscreen, get there early to get in the front of the line and be sure to snag the semi-circle bench in the middle of the main deck for the best seats in the house (we completely lucked into these), and don’t feel compelled to purchase the swords, hooks, patches, etc. offered for sale at the ticket booth (we did and they aren’t overpriced but they weren’t at all necessary to having a grand adventure.)

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