Irish Eats

Since we spent the week before St. Patrick’s Day down South, we had to squeeze all of the requisite Irish eats into the last few days. 

It has become our routine to gather up a big group of friends for holiday dinners at the club.  So our lively (with six children and seven adults) crew met up for a festive meal of green beers and bangers and mash.  Please note our calm “before” a two-and-a-half hour meal photo versus our crazy “after” a two-and-a-half hour meal photo where shoes are missing, shirts are untucked and remnants of dessert are scattered about the clothing.  A festive meal indeed.

The next morning, I surprised the littles with a Leprechaun Breakfast complete with green milk (recognize my sweet milk glasses from Tybee?), scrambled eggs, shamrock banana slices and toast, and green grits.  They were absolutely fascinated with the green food.  John bought the story hook, line and sinker when I told him I saw a leprechaun leaping through the window as I came into the kitchen that morning.  And neither left a bite on the plates for fear that our friendly leprechaun would find some other little boy’s window to leap through next March.

And lastly, we rounded out our Irish Eats with Beef and Guinness Stew, Brown Soda Bread, Black and Tan Brownies, Green Sprites and a couple of pints of Guinness.  The meal was outstanding from the rooter to the tooter.  And as I am writing this, I realized I forgot to top the stew with parsley. Darnit! 

I’m packing up everything green and getting ready for SPRING!

PS. To make the shamrocks on the brownies, I covered the entire top opening of a mini shamrock cookie cutter (from my Pampered Chef’s Creative Cutter set that I adore) with scotch tape.  I then lightly pressed the cookie cutter into the top of the brownie and dusted with powdered sugar, careful that the sugar got all around the outside edge of the cookie cutter.  Remove the shamrock cookie cutter and you’re left with a shamrock shadow!

Forsyth Park

After a crazy busy day of antiquing and partying, we traded in our shopping bags and strollers for the clear blue Southern skies, moss laden oaks and lush green grass of Forsyth Park.  Located in Savannah’s historic district, the park was originally created in the 1840’s and is home to the city’s famous fountain, the… Read More

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I Love {Paula Deen}

Having spent the week in Savannah with the littles, guess who has been on my mind?  PAULA, of course! Paula’s Hash Brown Casserole With Gruyere cheese and grated nutmeg, this hearty meat and potatoes breakfast dish far surpasses all other breakfast casseroles I’ve had the pleasure of dining on.  Seconds?  Yes please!  Ingredients 3 T.… Read More

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