Sunday Supper {Penne Alla Vecchia Bettola}

Oh my stars.  I have no words for the deliciousness that is Ina’s Penna Alla Vecchia Bettola.  This sort of put-on-your-elastic-waist-band-pants-so-you-can-fit-in-another-helping type of dish doesn’t  regularly grace my table. I’m a little obsessed with my first Ina cookbook *gasp* that Mother and Daddy-O gave me for Christmas.  I mean, I’ve always loved her, but now my DVR… Read More

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Sunday Supper {Minestrone + Marshmallows}

Last Sunday we were embarking on some record cold days and Ina Garten’s Winter Minestrone and Garlic Bruchetta were absolutely divine fare for our Sunday Supper!  The recipes came out of her Foolproof cookbook that I received for Christmas. For desert on such a wintery night, I opted for hot chocolate with homemade vanilla marshmallows. … Read More

A Southern New Year’s Party {Free Printables}

For as long as we’ve been married, Honey and I have hosted a traditional Southern feast on New Year’s day. And rather than writing about it after the fact, I thought it would be fun to do so before hand since I created a few fun printables for the occasion!   THE INVITATION As soon… Read More