Honeycomb Cakelets

After three hours worth of happy hour last Friday night I adventurously set out to bake, from scratch might I add, a honey almond pound cake for bestie S’s baby shower. So, after I’m-not-sure how many pool-side spirits, I peeled the cover off of my brand spanking new Williams-Sonoma Honeycomb Cake Pan, bought specifically for this… Read More

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While our Cinco de Mayo celebrations have certainly tamed down since the college bestie C’s birthday combo Rio Grande days of yore (remember that, gals?), we still make a point to always enjoy a little Mexican fare every May fifth.  And we definitely wash it down with a ‘gita or three. After Tuesday’s escapades, today… Read More

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In a Pinch

What DOES one do when neighbor A (not to be confused with new friend A) calls at two thirty to invite us over for supper at six thirty that very same night?  Show up empty handed?  Stop directing Honey on hanging pictures in the basement to run to the grocery? Au contraire mon frere. In… Read More

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