Winter Wonderland in the South

We have been living in a winter wonderland like I’ve never seen before in my entire life in the South!

It started snowing here on Friday and went for a good twenty-four hours.

We were covered in 10″ of the most beautiful fluffy white snow imaginable.

We have spent hours on end sledding, rolling and trekking around in our winter wonderland!

Thankfully, we never lost power (we actually have never lost it in 9 years in this 47 year old house) but we lost cable and internet early Friday and it is still out.  (Honey helped me get on his hot spot to push out a few posts.)

I was so thankful to have my core four home safe and sound this time.  Mother and Daddy-O were trying to make it here Friday and ended up staying over in Macon for the night before making it here Saturday morning.  Whit’s birthday party had to be postponed but all he said when I broke the news was “It’s ok.  I figured it would be.”  :-)

I know thousands in Atlanta are still without power.  I know the crews have been working around the clock to get it restored and I hope it comes back soon!!


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7 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland in the South

  1. The snow looks sooooo beautiful and is refreshing with these awful fires. The firefighters are angels on earth! I am lost in your Winter Wonderland and it is just what I needed this morning!

    Your photo of Elsa by the window is darling! What a great keepsake it would be framed (especially for your birthday guy!) ;-)

    Enjoy your sweet family, Amanda.
    Merry Christmas to all of you. <3

  2. So beautiful & Christmasy.

    We got less in DC but snow before January is unheard of. This NYer is happy.

    Jealous of the 10″ and buried power lines!

  3. The pictures are beautiful. Sorry for all the power outages in GA.
    We have had cold weather…but not much snow in the Twin Cities. I’ll take it for now.

  4. Wow that’s beautiful…..I’ll bet you’re glad you had all your Christmas decorations up ..instant Christmas cards.No snow in Florida but lots of cold rain.As a born and bred Southern Lady
    I enjoy your posts very much..

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