Holiday Home Tour 2019 {Exterior & Foyer}

I’ve had the inside decorated for a couple of week now, but we spent some time yesterday afternoon decking the exterior in ribbons, bows, garlands and wreaths. I cannot wait to welcome y’all into our home over the week or two.  For today, let’s start with the exterior and foyer.

Exterior Christmas Decor

I love white lights, garlands and big red bows so much at Christmas.  I can usually go 2-3 years with my ribbons before they fade and must be replaced.  This is year two with these bows and I’m really happy with how they held up! I’ve used the same wreaths for the past eleven years.

See my easy technique for bows in this video >>  How to Make Christmas Bows  and how to hang your wreaths in this post >> 2 Easy Ways to Hang Christmas Wreaths.

I assembled monogrammed wreaths for four of our exterior entry doors quite a few years ago and I still love them.  See how I made it and get links to the products used here >> Holiday Monogram Wreath

Last year I invested in beautiful urn fillers from Grandin Road.  They are lit by batteries at night and are festive, lovely and easy. That being said, Honey is bringing home new batteries today so I’m hoping everything still lights up as it should. If it doesn’t, I’ll let you know so you can avoid this product. :-)

This is year five of the same pre-lit garlands from Costco.  Per usual, I had to rage a battle against extension cords and timers, but finally got everything lit. Whew!

The side entry gets its own garland and monogrammed wreath.

And, the friend’s entry does as well! 

Foyer Christmas Decor

Without further ado, I’m humbled to welcome you inside! I, of course, decorate our home for my little family of four to enjoy. But, I also hope that our guests feel at home in our home during the holiday season more than any other.

You probably notice that I don’t change a lot of my decor year over year. I hope it doesn’t get boring. I tweak things here and there but rarely do an overhaul.

I’ve had the glittery Santa for years and usually put him here on some of my mom’s antique books, surrounded by little trees. I still remember buying him at the Shop of Vinings when Sister and I lived together. We loved that store! I always frame the boy’s current Santa picture here in the foyer.

The garland here in the entry continues the traditional red and green Christmas colors from outside.

I replaced the garland I had used for the past ten years with a battery lit option. It’s not as full or fluffy, but it doesn’t require running an extension cord up the stairs and across the hall so it works much better for us! I picked it up at Target. The lights are on a 6 hour on / 18 hours off timer which is nice. They can also be turned on or off at any time.

In addition to reds, golds and greenery, I also use pheasant feathers in the foyer and den. I love holiday decor that has a touch of nature, whether in the form of feathers, leopard prints, antlers, etc.

I loved bringing out the Christmas shades hand painted by my mother again this year.  You can read all about them here >> Christmas Lamp Shades

Thank you so much for coming back year after year to tour our holiday home! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

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14 thoughts on “Holiday Home Tour 2019 {Exterior & Foyer}

  1. I used to love to go to The Shop of Vinings too! We lived in Vinings & Smyrna for 10 years and when I opened my own store in Indiana I had Shop of Vinings and One Fish Two Fish in mind. ♥️

  2. I always look forward to visiting your holiday home, and everything is just lovely this year, as always! xo

  3. Beautiful as always. I can’t remember if I picked this tip up from another blog or came up with it myself, but you can fake a fuller garland by twisting two thinner garlands together.

    1. Yes! My old one was like that. But these pre-lit battery operated garlands are expensive!! Maybe next year I’ll spring for a second one to loop together. :-)

  4. I love that you do the same decor every year! I do the same, and it takes me all day to put the same stuff in the same place that it always goes. I can’t imagine how long it would take to decorate if I did new stuff. I love your traditional decor, it’s just beautiful!

    1. Yes! I do ALL of mine on one Saturday & Sunday inside. Then we do the outside in about an hour after Thanksgiving.

  5. You were brave to decorate yesterday in the cold and the wind. We finished ours a day before when it was 72. I always enjoy your blog, but have never commented before. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!

    1. Yes! It was chilly and my garlands and ribbons were blowing everywhere. My pots also kept toppling over but I remembered a huge bag of rocks Whit brought home from Alaska (ha!) and used them to weigh the pots down.

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