Last Sunday Supper of Summer {Our Favorite Burgers & Cake}

We spent our last Summer day of the year swimming, watching a movie and enjoying a favorite supper at home. The summer days felt long, but the weeks flew by. John completed Spanish III online, spent many nights with his friends, continued to work on driving, and loved traveling all over the East Coast with… Read More

Splashing Into Summer Post Spider

I thought I’d check in with one final update on the spider today. While most Atlantan’s are preparing for a new school year, on this last day of July I finally splashed into summer! I got the a-ok to resume normal operations regarding showers, swimming, baths and exercise post spider bite. I will end up… Read More

Backyard Huddle {Summer Kickoff}

I shared back in the fall that we were gathering the sixth graders for Backyard Huddles throughout the school year. There is a really small group of kids, just those in our subdivision, that move together to middle school. (The vast majority are districted to a different school.) Along with my co-host and sweet neighbor,… Read More