Fab Finds {Our New Cornhole Set!}

Cornhole is one of our favorite yard games and something the boys drag out nearly every time they have friends over. Honey built our set about 15 years ago and it served us well. But, it was made of wood, had been left out in the rain a few times and had definitely seen better days. Honey wanted to replace it with something that we could store outside in the cabana year round and I wanted something that wouldn’t be an eyesore. We found the perfect compromise in this set! Oh, and we both love that the bags store underneath the boards.

The added bonus is that it was SO EASY to cut out a few vinyl stickers to make it perfectly themed to John’s grad party! I thought we’d peel them off right after the party, but they are still there and I figure they work well enough for the upcoming patriotic holiday :-)

Happy weekend, friends!

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