Elsa Turns 9

Our precious Elsa Belle celebrated her 9th birthday on Monday!

After viewing the Eclipse, Whit and I went by the dog bakery to pick up a cupcake for Elsa and celebratory donut for Anna. I set up THE BEST Birthday Butler sign in the kitchen and it was instant party mode!

The ladies were literally chomping at the bit to get their birthday sweets. I didn’t even get a picture! Whit chose these as party favors, which were also a huge it.

Birthday Butler

Birthday Butler is an absolutely genius idea that lets you elevate any type of celebration or win in under two minutes. It is rare that I accept a product collaboration here on the blog, but this is one I knew I’d use and be excited to share with you!

  • The Celebration Stand happily holds a banner over a tabletop or other flat surface.
  • The double-sided banners are available for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Since they are double-sided, you can use them as a back drop OR a centerpiece!
  • Both are reusable, AND you can even use the stand with your custom creations!!
  • Set-up (and put away!) the stand +
    banner in less than 2 minutes.
  • The stand and banners are reusable.

In the same vein of how much I love my Nora Fleming and Happy Everything! pieces, Birthday Butler allows you to have a whole host of celebration ready banners at your finger tips. It’s easy to store and easy to use. WIN WIN! As part of my collaboration with Birthday Butler, I have 4 banners in my collection. You can read my original post HERE:

Happy Birthday, Elsa. You have brough immeasurable joy to our family. For #10 Whit wants to take you on vacation AND splurge on the whole cake (rather than just a cupcake). :-)


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